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World Premiere

under the big, dark, sky

By: John Harvey

Directed by: Trish Rigdon

April 23-30 2011 @ Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex

In a small seaside town, a carnival arrives with a three-headed barking dog that predicts the future, a woman who flays herself alive and a bodiless boy who recites the poetry of John Keats. Meanwhile, deep in a basement, a man of deeply-felt religious belief grafts corpses onto butterworts, corkscrews and monkey cups. Will he be able to re-animate the dead through the sweet nectar of chlorophyll? And what is in the box, hidden deep in a trunk, in the carney barker’s tent? Why does it cast a green glow?

Cast: Rod Todd, Ashley Allison, Jennifer Decker, Aaron Asher, Candyce Prince, Jon Harvey, Ryan Kelly, Ricky Welch, James Reed, Norm Dillon, Stephen Foulard, Adam Pecht

Designers: Mark Krouskup (set), Claire Hummel (costumes), Kevin Taylor (lights), Jon Harvey (sound), Andy McWilliams (composer), Leraldo Anzaldua (fight choreography)

Stage Manager: Danitra Luers



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