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the mother project

By: Elizabeth A.M. Keel & Jelisa Jay Robinson

Directed by: Dabrina Sandifer

May 19-28 2022 @ The DeLuxe Theatre

Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company continues their 2022 season with the world premiere of THE MOTHER PROJECT: A Collaboration to Honor Black Mothers and their Children . In collaboration with Esurient Arts, and directed by Dabrina Sandifer, the production was created by a diverse group of six female artists in Mildred's Umbrella and Esurient Arts, based on direct interviews with 5 black mothers and a doula.

The idea came to Mildred's Umbrella's artistic director, Jennifer Decker, on May 26 2020. "My mother called me on my pandemic birthday that day, and she was upset about something my brother was going through. Right before she called, I had read an article about the death of George Floyd, which happened just the day before. A quote in the article that made me tear up was, "He cried for his mother." I am not a mother, but it struck me how intense the impact is on a mother when her child is suffering in any way. I felt like some of those stories needed a platform, and I decided to provide it."

Cast: Wykeshia King, Sonya Gooden, Kimberly Hicks, Barbara Starkes, Shani Slay, Nicki Ballard. Voiceovers: Dabrina Sandifer

Designers: Danielle Hodgins (costume and set), Edgar Guajardo (sound and lights), Harrison Guy and Sabrina Sandifer (voiceovers), Viktoriya Kurgina (props)

Stage Managers: Carrie Lanes, Stephanie McNeal


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