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Houston Premiere

the hunchback of seville

By: Charise Castro Smith

Directed by: Philip Hays

March 28-April 16 2019

Set at the turn of the century, after Christopher Columbus’s return from the New World, HUNCHBACK is a madcap re-telling of Spanish history and the evils of colonialism. As Queen Isabella is dying, her brilliant and disfigured adopted sister, Maxima Terrible Segunda, is called in from her forced seclusion to run the county. Maxima then works her way through politics, religion and prejudice to save her country without sacrificing herself in the process.

Cast: Patricia Duran, Elizabeth Black, Elizabeth Keel, Briana, Resa, Samantha Jaramillo, Rhett Martinez, Dillon Dewitt, Anthony August

Designers: Jodi Bobrovsky (set), Jon Harvey and John Peeples (sound), Leah Smith (costumes), Grey Starbird (lights)

Stage Manager: Amanda Guerrero


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