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the happiest songs play last

By: Quiara Algeria Hudes

Directed by: Danielle Ozymandias

March 6-8 2020 @ Main Street Theatre

“In a barrio kitchen in North Philly, a professor moonlights as the local soup kitchen queen, offering rice and beans to any hungry neighbor. Halfway around the world, her cousin relives his military trauma on a Hollywood film set. With the Egyptian revolution booming in the distance, and local unrest erupting in Philly, these two cousins sing a defiant song of protest. But will Philly, or Egypt, listen?”

The final play in Quiara Alegría Hudes’ “Elliot Trilogy,” this staged reading follows productions of the other plays in the series by Stages (Water by the Spoonful) and Main Street Theater (Elliot, a Soldier’s Fugue), which both take place in February.

Cast: Gerard Velazquez, Arianna Bermudez, Rhett Martinez, Guy Cohen, Candyce D'Meza, Greg Dean, Jaime Pena

Sound Design: Jon Harvey

Stage Manager: Amanda Guerrero


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