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World Premiere


By: John Harvey

Directed by: John Harvey

February 23-March 16 2007 @ Gremillion Art Gallery

What is ROT? A collaboration between two of Houston’s premiere theater companies. What is ROT? A husband dying of the plague, a wife longing to move to Arizona. What is ROT? A daughter who after setting the world on fire and destroying the sun comes home to find out what happened to her dog. What is ROT? Two gentlemen sitting in the front parlor in their underwear. What is ROT? Puppets in the furniture remembering what the family would like to forget. What is ROT? A fetal pig. What is ROT? A happy death.

Cast: Patricia Duran, Eric Doss, Jennifer Decker, Joel Orr, Wesley Copeland, Justin Dunford | Composer: Meghan Hendley | Musicians: Duo Scordatura, Nicholas Leh Baker, Jordan Kuspa

Designers: Wayne Barnhill and Jodi Bobrovsky (set), Kevin Taylor (lights), Greg Dean (sound, Jennifer Decker and Patricia Duran (costumes), Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre (puppets) Composer: Meghan Hendley

Stage Manager: Carole Kelly



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