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World Premiere


By: John Harvey

Directed by: Jennifer Decker. Assistant Director: Bree Bridger

March 6-22 2014 @ Studio 101

As John Keats is dying in the next room, a group of people lament the absence of wine and servants, see dark shapes in the garden, endure a violent visit from soldiers and wait for Keats to die while politely discussing lost love, death and the hardship of being human. The company integrated a poetic script with live music by Andy McWilliams and video by Stephanie Saint Sanchez, to premiere a collaboration never before seen in Houston. Directed by Jennifer Decker and featuring Patricia Duran, Bobby Haworth, HR Bradford, Jon Harvey, Courtney Lomelo, Christie Stryk, Amy Warren and Ron Reeder.

Cast: Patricia Duran, HR Bradford, Christie Guidry, Jon Harvey,, Amy Warren, Courtney Lomelo, Darnea Olsen, Lee O. Barker

Designers: Grey Starbird (lights), Frankie Tuber (set), Andy McWilliams (sound), Lindsay Burns (costumes), Stephanie Saint Sanchez (video)

Stage Manager: Rebeca Ayres



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