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World Premiere


By: Keian McKee

Directed by: Matt Huff

July 31-August 16 2014 @ Studio 101

At sunrise, Polly wades alone into the spring waters of the Atlantic to begin her first ocean swim. In a small container secured to her body are her mother Jule’s ashes. This is no contest for fame or glory. Rather, Polly is seeking a genuine conclusion to swimming lessons prematurely halted at age nine when Jule suffered a stroke and Polly’s childhood effectively ended. Although physically alone on her journey, she carries within herself, and ultimately confronts, the main characters of her life: Jule, before and after her stroke; Esther and Johnny, Hollywood swim idols and Polly’s imaginary helpmates in Jule’s care; and her father Mort, a former sailor turned cemetery salesman. The world premiere of Pollywog was made possible through the generous support of the Dollie I. Males Angel Fund.

Cast: Celeste Roberts, James Belcher, Courtney Lomelo, Autumn Clack, Jason Duga

Designers: Grey Starbird (lights), Jodi Bobrovsky (set), Andy McWilliams (sound), L.A. Clenvenson (costumes)

Stage Manager: Rod Todd



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