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World Premiere

notions of right and wrong

By: Elizabeth A.M. Keel

Directed by: Zachary Doss

July 21-30 2011 @ Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex

Notions of Right and Wrong is the story of a human outnumbered by ideas. Some, like Justice, try to lay claim to her, while others just want to help her slog through puberty. But when these concepts begin to have notions of their own, ghosts are unleashed, loyalties change, and all bets are off. In this rich, darkly funny world of a woman’s life, Right and wrong depends on who holds the cards.”

Cast: Mischa Hutchins, Jennifer Decker, Elizabeth Seabolt-Esparza, Amy Warren, Cris, Skelton, Ben Warner, London Alexander, Julian Brashears, Karen Schlag, Mia Migliaccio, Lindsay Sweeny, Ricky Welch, Ryan Kelly

Designers: Rebecca Ayres (set), Trish Ridden (costumes), Justin Landry (lights), Jon Harvey (sound), John Watt (composer)

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Meindl



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