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Mac wellman's Dracula

By: Mac Wellman

Directed by: Jennifer Decker

October 15-31 2015

Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre Company continued its 2015-2016 season with a return engagement of Mac Wellman’s Dracula, a bizarre and offbeat version of the Bram Stoker classic that is campy, dark, and fun – all told through the unique words and voice of Mac Wellman.
Originally produced in 1987 at River Arts Repertory in Woodstock, NY, Mac Wellman’s Dracula tells the story of two sexually repressed women who find freedom and passion in the vampiric world of late Victorian London. According to Artistic Director Jennifer Decker, who will be directing the production, the play takes the basic premise of the vampire legend and ramps up the sexual connotations – to a point where the focus of the show becomes more about Dracula’s female victims.

“The show is actually a metaphor for the sexual liberation of women,” Decker said. “It is rife with innuendos that allude to the loss of virginity and innocence, finding sexual independence, and breaking free of the societal constraints imposed upon women of that era. But those elements are blended with music, dark humor, and plenty of colorful wordplay to create a piece that is edgy, entertaining, and a perfect fit for Mildred’s Umbrella’s audiences.”

Mac Wellman’s Dracula was actually one of the very first shows produced by Mildred’s Umbrella in 2004. The return engagement featured several of the same actors reprising their roles from the first production, as well as some fun new surprises. “Now that we have found our voice as Houston’s premier female-focused theatre company, we look forward to presenting a show that embraces those juicy metaphors and takes them in new and outrageous directions,” Decker said. “It’s the perfect show for Halloween, and we look forward to showing our patrons a ‘bloody’ good time.” In fact, the October 31 closing night performance featured a post-show Halloween Bash with open bar, snacks, karaoke, costume contest, and more.

Cast: Christie Guidry, Patricia Duran, Philip Hays, Ryan Kelly, Ron Reeder, John Dunn, Blake Wier, Jason Duga, Sara Jo Dunstan, Arianna Bermudez, Katrina Ellsworth, Tori Dominguez

Designers: Lee Barker (set), Tim Thomson (sound), Trevor Ritenour (lights), Lindsay Burns (costumes), Andy McWilliams (music)

Stage Manager: Bree Bridger Choreographer: Jennifer Wood


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