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large animal game

By: Steve Yockey

Directed by: Matt Huff

June 28-July 14 2012 @ Studio 101

This incisive, unexpected, and larger than life tale of sex, love, and self delusion tracks the overlapping escapades of a group of friends old enough to know better in love but still naive enough to mess things up anyway, and the man who supplies them with equal parts tough love, lingerie and self awareness. In a series of fluid scenes, Large Animal Games takes a comically skewed and razor-sharp look at modern relationships through a mix of bullfights, big game hunting and intimate apparel.

Cast: Ron Jones, Crystal O'Brien, Bobby Haworth, Lyndsay Sweeney, Autumn Clack, Brittny Bush

Designers: John Dunn (set), ClareMarie Verheyen (costumes), Grey Starbird (lights), Yezminne Zepeda (sound)

Stage Manager: Rod Todd



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