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Kimberly akimbo

By: David Lindsay Abaire

Directed by: Ron Jones

November 29-December 15 2012 @ Studio 101

As a playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire is best known for writing about real people unraveling in difficult situations. His 2000 Play KIMBERLY AKIMBO, being presented by Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company lives up to this reputation, ensuring the audience laughs as much as they are devastated.

KIMBERLY AKIMBO follows a 16 year old girl suffering from a form of Progeria, a disease that causes her to age 4½ times faster than she should. When asked, "What's a couple of days," she jokingly responds, "In Kimberly time, it's about a week and a half. It's like dog years!" In addition to her bodily disease, her life is diseased as well. She lives with her mother, a pregnant hypochondriac, and her alcoholic father. Then her delusional and often homeless aunt moves into their basement and gets Kimberly and one of her school acquaintances, the ever awkward Jeff, mixed up in an illegal money scheme.

Cast: Carolyn Boone, Jennifer Decker, Kim Tobin Lehl, Luke Fedell, Ty Doran

Designers: Frankie Teuber (set), Chelsea Touchet (lights0, Paige Wilson (costumes), Andrew Adams (sound)

Stage Manager: Rebecca Ayres



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