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In Collaboration with Esuriant Arts

femfest houston: black women's voices

Playwrights: Onyx Espri, Mary McCallum, Stephanie McNeal, Marissa Joyce Stamps, Kenya Fashaw

Directed by: Destinye Miller, Destiny Duhon, Sonya Gooden, Caleb Fields, Zach Varela, Carrie Lanes

December 2020 @ Online

Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company continues their digital 2020-2021 season with the third installment of our reading series, FEMFEST HOUSTON, a series that focuses on new plays by women of various demographics. This round will be BLACK WOMEN'S VOICES, In collaboration with Esurient Arts, and will feature two full plays and four short plays by African American women.

Cast: Ansonia Jones, Rita Hughes, Krystal Uchem, Caprice Carter, Tasha Pollard, Christie Guidry, Von Gibson, Claire eating, Leslie Barrera, Victoria Yapp, Rickki Dorsey, Tenise Ferrira, Ryan Kelly, Wykeshia King, Malcolm Thomas, Gebriella Hailemariam

Designers: -

Curated by: Dabrina Sandifer



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