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Houston Premiere

dead man's cell phone

By: Sarah Ruhl

Directed by: Rob Kimbro

March 22-April 7 2012 @ Studio 101

Jean becomes annoyed when the man sitting next to her won’t answer his ringing phone, until she finally answers it herself, and in doing so discovers that the man is dead. By taking ownership of his phone, Jean moves into Gordon’s life, meeting his mother, his widow, and falling in love with his brother. But as Jean clumsily attempts to comfort his grieving relatives and begins to discover more about the nature of Gordon’s unpleasant work, she begins to realize that she may be in for more than she bargained for.

Cast: Jennifer Decker, Mark Roberts, Jon Harvey, Elizabeth Seabolt-Esparza, Julie Oliver, Candyce Prince, Arianna Bermudez, Rod Todd

Designers: Jodi Bobrovski (set and video), ClareMarie Verheyen (costumes), Chelsea Touchet (lights), Tim Thomson (sound), Jennifer Wood (choreography), Geraldo Anzaldua (fight choreography)

Stage Manager: Danitra Luers



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