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CONSENTING BODIES - a reading series

A Series of Plays About Consent

consenting bodies

By: Amina Henry, Erica Sales, Brandie N. Carie.

Directed by: Danielle Bunch, Danielle Ozymandias, Bree Bridger

January 12-13 2019 @ Rec Room Theater

Curated by Co-Literary Manager Bree Bridger, this event will feature a series of three play readings all addressing the question ‘What is consent?” Bridger noted, “We’ve noticed something becoming very clear in the wake of the #MeToo and #NotInOurHouse conversation: what consent is – and what is not – doesn’t seem very clear to a lot of people. Mildred’s Umbrella seeks to contribute to this conversation by highlighting the works of playwrights exploring the matters around consent and violations of it in our romantic, sexual, and platonic relationships.” Each reading will be followed by a talk back with the actors and directors. Saturday, January 12, 2019, 7:30 pm
The Morning After by Ericah Saleh
Directed by Danielle Bunch “Nora is a feminist. Nora is not a victim. Nora is doing okay… until a night full of bad decisions makes her reconsider her understanding of her self, her choices, and her labels.” (Luna Stage)
“When Monica begins taking Israeli special forces fighting (AKA Krav Maga!) as a self-defense class (and also a form of therapy) she starts to believe in a version of herself that is confident, strong, empowered. Then she punches multiple people that she loves in the face, and has to deal with the consequences. Krav Maga! explores intimacy, love, and the rules of dating through a lens of exercise, violence, and food.” (New Play Exchange)

Cast: Katherine Rinaldi, Tara Brown, Sammy Sincinski, Danielle Bunch, Lyndsay Sweeney, Anjona Menon, Leighza Walker, Melanie E. Burke, Blake Weir, Anthony August, Arianna Bermudez, Lena Luxxe, Callina Anderson, Dana Colon, Darin Montemayor, Todd Thigpen, Bonnie Langrhorne, Annie Wild





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