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World Premiere

In Support of The Houston Area Women's Center


By: Katharine Sherman

Directed by: Melissa Flower

May 15-24 2014 @ Company Onstage

Cassandra is a modern retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Cassandra, the beautiful girl who was given the gift of prophesy in exchange for the promise of sex with the god Apollo. When she goes back on her promise, she keeps the gift of prophesy, but is also given the curse that no one will ever believe her. This fresh take on the myth is mesmerizing as Cassandra’s current events and events of the future happen at the same instant, and even the girl who knows the tragedies that will befall the people around her, holds out hope for the tiniest change to her dire predictions. A co-production with Wordsmyth Theatre as part of our WOMEN’S PROJECT series.
This production was in support of the Houston Area Women’s Center.

Cast: Shelby Bray, Lisa Villegas, Cris Skelton, Kay McStay, Ryan Kelly, Adam Zarowski, Arianna Bermudez, Kalin Zeren, Curtis Barber

Designers: Grey Starbird ( lights), Rod Todd (set), Jon Harvey (sound), Rachel Rubin (costumes)

Stage Manager: Bree Bridger



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