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Houston Premiere

carnival round the central figure

By: Diana Amsterdam

Directed by: Jennifer Decker

November 8-23 2013 @ Studio 101

When Kate visits the death bed of a close friend, she is taken on a wild theatrical ride, as she is forced to acknowledge that no matter how much denial, positive thinking or prayer people practice to avoid death, the existential fears that every human being holds about the end of life will result in the same end…death.

Cast: Rod Todd, Arianna Bermudez, Matt Benton, Karen Schlag, Courtney Lomelo, Ryan Kelly, Elizabeth Marshall Black, Lyndsay Sweeney, John Dunn, Dani Luers, Shannon Adams, Eddie Edge, Miguel Garcia, Darnea Olsen

Designers: Brian Wallace (lights), Greg Dean (set), Andy McWilliams and Jon Harvey (sound), Lindsay Burns (costumes), Stephanie Saint Sanchez (video), Jennifer Wood (choreography)

Stage Manager: Bree Bridger



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