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Houston Premiere

by the bog of cats

By: Marina Carr

Directed by: Randy Symank

September 30-October 22 2005 @ Midtown Art Center

Set in the mysterious landscape of the bogs of rural Ireland, Marina Carr’s lyrical play tells the story of Hester Swane, a woman tormented by the memory of her mother, who deserted her, and enraged by a man who has betrayed her. On the brink of heartbreak and desperation, she travels a terrible path of vengeance that results in a tragic conclusion. With this play, brimming with dark secrets, tangled histories, spirits and black humor, Mildred’s Umbrella puts their unique stamp on this unforgettable journey of contemporary tragedy wedded with ancient myth.

Cast: Michelle Edwards, Eric Doss, Patricia Duran, Christie Guidry, Shona Marie, Stephen Foulard, Lynze Duke, Karen Schlag, David Anderson, Mike Spitzer, Darwin Miller


Stage Manager: Carole Kelly



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