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Houston Premiere

red death

By: Lisa D'Amour

Directed by: Jennifer Decker

October 9-25 2014 @ Studio 101

Jane Whithers, an erstwhile kindergarten teacher/lifeguard has been sent to find the “origin of evil, the root of denial and the basic human weakness that causes us to fear death” by a mysterious extra-legal organization called The Panel. Her search takes her from Florida beaches to Texas sewers, from the Adriatic Sea to little Grass Lake, Michigan all on the heels of Propsero Albright, a childhood friend who she thinks hold the answer. Inspired by Poe’s gothic fantasy The Masque of the Red Death, D’Amour crafts a dark and comic rollercoaster ride through our existential dilemmas, everyday fears and ever-present anxieties.
The Houston premiere of Red Death was made possible by grants from the Houston Arts Alliance.

Cast: Christie Guidry, Jon Harvey, Karen Schlag, Bree Bridger, Rod Todd, Ron Reeder

Designers: Grey Starbird (lights), Jodi Bobrovsky (set), Andy McWilliams (sound), Lindsay Burns (costumes)

Stage Manager: Larin Pascal



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