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dark matter

By: Don Nigro

July 7-21 2007 @ Midtown Art Center

Directed by: Jennifer Decker

Five short plays of gothic horror by Don Nigro. The plays include:

Lucy and the Mystery of the Vine Encrusted Mansion: An eccentric comedy that is a ‘Gorey drawing come to life’ in which a girl, ‘sixteen and lost’, becomes entangled in a tale of her own invention that may not allow her to return from it sane.

The Malefactor’s Bloody Register: A true story of abuse and murder from the pages of the notorious eighteenth century compendium of crime, The Newgate Calendar, in which three young girls tell of the horrors they suffered at the hands of a mad midwife. “One lived, one died, one was lost. Which is which?”

Higgs Field: Andromeda awakens from a dream about ravens and runs to Higgs Field, where surreal metaphors of modern physics spring to life as a Gothic nightmare.

Darkness Like a Dream: A lonely actress cast as a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream leads a man on an eerie journey through a labyrinth of dark country roads, growing more and more afraid of what will happen when they stop.

Joan of Arc in Autumn: A young woman speaks about her confused memories of her life and martyrdom, which now seems like a dream in which there is much whispering and everything is burning. Perhaps she is a mad girl found in a brothel; perhaps not.

Cast: Wayne Barnhill, Paul Drake, Patricia Duran, Christie Guidry, Ryan Kelly, Karen Schlag, Elizabeth Seabolt, Amy Warren, Anne Zimmerman

Designers: Ayn Morgan (set), Charlie Naked (sound), Kevin Taylor (lights), Jennifer Decker (costumes)

Stage Manager: Mike Switzer

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